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10 Summer Home Décor Ideas

10 Summer Home Décor Ideas

Summer is coming – bright sunny days, easy breezy summer nights, and of course, outdoor entertaining! I can’t wait! Summer is also a great time to give your home décor a facelift and bring some of the colors and joyful feels of the season into your space. Seasonal accents will help you create the oasis you’ve been dreaming of, where you can enjoy the sun, warmth, and beauty of the summer season in the safety and comfort of your home. After all, who needs the fuss and expense of a vacation when you can enjoy the ultimate stay-cation right in your own little sanctuary.

The good news is that giving your home a makeover doesn’t have to be either complicated or costly. In fact, with just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to have that dreamy summer house you crave. Ready to get started? Here are 15 of my best tips and ideas for summer home décor.


  1. Make the most of natural light. Longer days mean more time to enjoy the natural light, so throw open the windows and pull back the curtains of your home! Let in the fresh air and feel the delicious warmth by swapping out your heavy winter curtains for ones that are light and airy in light summer garden hues. Whites, creams, and pale hues of blue, green, or yellow will instantly cheer up any space, or try sheer gossamer drapes that flow with the warm breeze. The idea is to invite as much light into the room as possible, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.
  2. Play with brighter colors. For summer, it’s all about color and décor that makes a space bright and playful! Think sunflower yellow, tropical coral, lime green, or turquoise to create that lovely summertime magic. You can accessorize with brighter shades throughout your home, whether it be a set of floral print throw pillows for your sofa or a glass vase with a colorful arrangement of fresh-cut flowers adorning the coffee table.
  3. Pare down heavy accessories. It’s time to get rid of accessories that made your home feel cozy and warm in the winter months, as these can feel dark and fussy during the summertime. Stowaway throws and pillows in heavy fabrics and switch them out for lighter ones. Think of it as ‘brightening’ the space, so it feels cheerful instead of gloomy.
  4. Add a summer scent. We experience space through all our senses, so why not use scents to make your home feels like a summer meadow or a tropical shore? Oil burners or candles are an easy accessory to change with the seasons, but they can have a big impact.


  1. Swap out your winter bedding. The bedroom is always a good place to start for a summer makeover! Bed linen that feels comforting and cozy in fall and winter can be too hot in the warmer months. Switch out your heavier blankets, bed sheets, and duvet covers for bedding that looks and feels light and makes for a comfy slumber when the weather heats up. Cotton and linens are wonderful fabric choices. If you’re looking for a bed makeover and fresh summer bedding, try our Relaxed Cotton Percale bedsheets made from 100% long staple cotton that is cool and crisp to the touch, breathable, ultra-soft, and Oeko-tex certified.
  2. Choose beachy patterns and colors for your bedding. Coastal patterns and palettes are a great choice for summer bedroom decorating, no matter how far you live from the ocean! Our Linen Duvet Covers are perfect for those laid-back beachy vibes, elegant yet effortless with their lived-in softness. They come in printed sets as well as seashore shades like Birch, Cameo Blue, Deep Pacific, Marmaral Coastal Blue, and Whisper Gray. And we have matching Linen Shams too!
  3. Adjust your sleepwear along with your bedding. To match the relaxing, summertime bedroom look you have created, try linen pajamas. Sleepwear designed for summer to make you look and feel like you’re on a tropical island getaway all season long.


  1. Turn your backyard into a summer retreat. If you’re dreaming of Mediterranean-style summer eating, you don’t have to leave home to recreate the feel of a Tuscan villa or a tropical garden. Whether you have a back porch or yard, you can transform your space for relaxing and soaking in the sun or for entertaining family and friends. Add an outdoor umbrella, chairs, benches, and an outdoor dining table (or a low table and cushions) to eat alfresco or have a delightful picnic poolside or on your lawn. Buy some pretty dishes and trays to make summer entertaining a breeze.
  2. Add an outdoor rug to make the space comfy. Having an outdoor rug gives a focal point to your space that you can decorate around with seating and cushions.
  3. Add whimsical touches. To really take your outdoor space to the next level, add a few special touches. For example, hang paper lanterns or string lights from trees to sparkle in the night air, or add a fire feature for sitting around and stargazing. Or how about hanging a hammock or bringing out a lounge chair for an afternoon siesta? Nothing beats a blissful snooze outdoors in the warm air and shade!

There’s no place like home – especially during the summer!

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