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Getting Your Nursery Ready

Getting Your Nursery Ready

While a Google search for “nursery” can result in displaying a map of nearby places which raise container plants, shrubs, flowers, and edibles, there’s an even older, more basic definition of the term. While commercial nurseries raise plants, getting a nursery ready traditionally means preparing a space in your home for raising tiny humans! A nursery is a bedroom set aside for infants and toddlers, and must be designed with the needs of the very youngest of children in mind. A newborn doesn’t really need much room to move around (they’re not particularly mobile at this stage!), but it’s essential that every newborn has a safe, comfortable place to sleep. And one of the most exciting things about being a new parent-to-be is getting to design and decorate the nursery for your baby. This is a stage in your child’s life where you’re really calling all of the shots, so besides needing to be responsible, you also get the opportunity to be creative when it comes to creating a nursery that reflects your own personal style and tastes.

Here are 4 tips and ideas for getting your nursery ready to go before your baby arrives:

Get the Right Furniture – And Make Sure Everything Is Childproofed

Nurseries need some specially-designed furniture to help keep babies comfortable, and to make your nursery more functional. Some good items to put on your checklist include: changing table, pack ‘n play, and clothes hamper. And here’s a pro tip: many babies like to be rocked to sleep, so it’s a wise idea to invest in a good rocking recliner, or in a comfy glider rocker and ottoman combo. Depending upon your available closet space, an armoire may be helpful for clothes storage too. But the most important item for any nursery is the crib. Just like the bed itself is the real centerpiece of any bedroom, the crib should be the centerpiece of your baby’s nursery. You can go with a traditional crib design, or opt for something more modern. Just make sure to triple-check that your crib and all associated bedding meet all the latest safety standards!

Most any new furnishings you purchase for a nursery will come designed to be child-resistant, but you’ll want to also make the effort to ensure your nursery itself is child-proofed. You might consider attaching any top-heavy furniture items – like a dresser or armoire – to the wall, so that a toddler can’t accidentally pull it over on themselves as they learn to pull up, climb, and walk. Make sure to also cover all power outlets, and install some child guards on all furniture pieces which open. And here’s one more nursery furniture tip: try to invest in pieces that are designed to grow with your child. Many pieces come with the ability for simple adaptation so they can be used on into the later years of childhood.

Decide on Your Color Palette

Color schemes in nurseries can and should be more stimulating than those in an ordinary adult bedroom. Babies’ brains develop in part through visual stimulation, so it’s important to introduce plenty of quality stimuli into the environment. Bright colors, bold contrasts, and a variety of geometric shapes on the walls (and especially in close proximity to the crib) will give babies fun things to focus on, both near and far. Zebra stripes and huge graphic patterns are also good motifs to use. Just remember that your baby/toddler will be spending a lot of time in that tiny room, so it’s important to be intentional about adding a lot of visual variety to the space.

To date, scientists aren’t really sure how colors affect babies, or even how many babies see color exactly. But one thing we do understand is how specific colors tend to impact adults. And since babies do pick up a lot of cues from our mood and how we’re feeling, you should choose some nursery colors that you really like, and which work well for you.

Choose the Right Lighting

Use several light sources in the nursery, to provide maximum flexibility. Dimmers and strategically-placed night lights make it easier to check on your baby without waking him or her up. Plus, having a base amount of light in the room will help you to avoid tripping on a toy in the dark. Lamps can and do make a nice touch, but remember safety first! Make sure any cords are secured, and are completely inaccessible to a baby or toddler.

Give Your Baby the Best Sleep

Babies spend a LOT of time sleeping; a newborn can sleep anywhere from 14-17 hours a day! And this is sleep your babies really need, since it’s so crucial to their growth, development, and well-being. Once you’ve settled on a crib or baby bed, you should next invest in some high-quality, ultra-soft bedding to promote the best sleeping conditions for baby. And since a baby’s skin is highly delicate and sensitive, it’s important to choose bedding products that don’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

To nurture your babies’ sleep and also protect the health of their skin, we’re thrilled to tell you about our Jennifer Adams baby collection. It’s designed with the same exceptional softness, aesthetic beauty, and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from our premium bedding products for adults. So, whether you’re preparing your own baby’s nursery, or are just looking for the perfect baby shower gift for a friend or loved one, here are a few of our most popular items:

  • Luxurious, stylish and lightweight, the Diamond Baby Blanket is designed for ultra comfort. Featuring a diamond-stitched pattern, this blanket has a modern look and feel that will enhance any nursery. Free of harmful chemicals, your little one will love snuggling or having tummy time on this blanket.
  • As part of our Relaxed Cotton Collection, the Del Mar Baby Blanket is made from 100% premium long-staple cotton and is hand-crafted in Portugal. It features a relaxed waffle-weave pattern which both looks and feels fantastic! Unparalleled in softness and free from harmful chemicals, this blanket will give your baby the warm, comforting sensation of being cradled in a gentle cloud.
  • Our Relaxed Cotton Sateen Crib Sheet is a great addition to your baby’s crib. It’s one of our best-loved materials for adult sheets, and it can add some much-needed softness, style, and durability to your baby bedding, too. Like the rest of our Relaxed Cotton collection, these sheets are garment-washed in small batches for a smooth, relaxed finish.
  • The Lux Collection features our most premium line of performance fabric, and we’ve expanded to include crib-size sheets, too! The microfiber is finely-woven, petal-soft, and is both warm and breathable for your baby. Our Lux Crib Sheets are really some of the best sheets you’ll find anywhere, and they’re perfect for ushering your baby off into some truly blissful slumber.

Every product in our baby collection is designed to be soft, cozy, durable, and easy to clean & maintain. In a word, our bedding really can help your baby…to sleep like a baby! We wish you all the best in setting up your perfect nursery!


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