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Goodbye Clutter, Hello Happiness

Goodbye Clutter, Hello Happiness

“When we clean up our clutter, messes, and incompletes in our home, it allows us to have space for the good. Good things and good energy.”
—Jennifer Adams

Nobody likes clutter and yet somehow, it seems to appear in all our homes like an uninvited guest. Sometimes it feels easier to just let it build up than to deal with it. But did you know that clutter not only occupies physical space but also takes a toll on our mental well-being? Studies have shown that living in cluttered environments can lead to increased stress levels and decreased productivity. Clearing our homes of clutter is an essential ingredient in creating a home environment we can thrive in. It’s not just about the clutter itself – it’s the process of freeing yourself and opening your space so there’s room to breathe, and ultimately welcome in what truly makes you happy.

A tidy and organized kitchen shelf, showcasing neatly stacked plates

Decluttering can be simple to do, and it doesn’t have to take much time, but it does take intention and commitment. And when you get it done, the payback is immense and tremendously fulfilling!

Love Coming Home by Jennifer Adams

So if you’re ready to start clearing away the old and inviting in the new, here are a few tips based on the process outlined Jennifer’s book, Love Coming Home.

A stylish and organized living room

Begin by setting your intentions. Like any journey, decluttering requires setting your intentions. Ask yourself: Why do I want to declutter? Is it to create a serene living space, improve focus, or reduce stress? Once you know your ‘why’, you'll find the motivation to power through, even if you lose motivation.

If you feel overwhelmed, start small

If you feel overwhelmed, start small. The secret to success is to tackle one room at a time. Start with a small and manageable space, like your bathroom or a closet. Once you experience the triumph of a clutter-free zone, you'll be fueled with inspiration to conquer the next room – and the next!

A well-organized kitchen with neatly stacked shelves

Know when it’s time to let go. Let’s say you’re ready to declutter your bedroom. For each item in your room, mindfully ask yourself these questions: Do I love the item? Does it still serve a purpose? Does it support my intention of having a bedroom that is calm and relaxing? (For tips on creating the perfect sleep environment, check out this post on The Science of Sleep.) When in doubt, follow the golden rule: keep what you love and use, donate what others may cherish, and toss what no longer serves a purpose. If you’re worried you may want something later, consider whether you have used or thought about an item in the last 90 days. If not, it's time to let it go.

Keep piles in check

Clear away the piles. Look around your home. Do you see piles of magazines, books, newspapers, junk, etc.? Those piles not only collect lots of dust and are unattractive, but they waste precious space. To keep piles in check, give yourself an expiration date to recycle, donate, or throw away.

Keep a checklist of decluttering projects

Vision Board it. On a board, post your checklist of decluttering projects organized by room or category. Prioritize your lists and then designate five minutes a day to accomplish one task. Once done, take it off the board. By visualizing and working on your list of projects daily, you’ll see and feel good about taking real action and achieving your goals!

A clutter-free life is about cultivating a positive mindset

Digital detox. As you clear clutter from your home, it’s worth applying the same principle to other areas of your life. Clear out the digital clutter by organizing your files, photos, and emails. Unsubscribe from those newsletters that clutter your inbox and unfollow social media accounts that don't spark joy. A digital detox is a step towards mental clarity and peace. And just like clearing up your home, it will make room for more good things to enter your headspace.

learn more about decluttering your home from Love Coming Home by Jennifer Adams

A clutter-free life is not only about a clean home but also about cultivating a positive mindset. It's about cherishing what truly matters and letting go of the unnecessary. As you continue on this journey, you'll find that a joyful, organized life is your key to sustained happiness.

You can learn more about decluttering your home, and other practical tips, from Jennifer’s book, Love Coming Home. This book teaches you how to transform your environment and turn your home into a place you truly love.

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