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How to Bring Resort-style Luxury to Your Home Decor

How to Bring Resort-style Luxury to Your Home Decor

Do you ever find yourself admiring the impeccable design of a hotel room and wishing you could create the same level of luxury and comfort in your own home? Achieving the five-star quality of a resort in your own house may not seem achievable, but it’s as simple as incorporating items that bring resort-style luxury to your home. With a few simple steps, you can easily give your home a luxurious hotel feel.

Buy five-star bed linens to bring resort-style luxury to your home décor

Jennifer Adams Home Bathrobe

Buy five-star bed linens. One of the most important aspects of creating a luxurious hotel experience in your own home is having comfortable and high-quality bedding. Invest in high-quality sheets made from the finest fabrics, like our 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton sheets. This coveted fabric is known as the gold standard in ultra-soft sheets in luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Layer your bedding with a cozy throw blanket and add a few accent pillows to complete the look.

Invest in a quality mattress to bring resort-style luxury to your home décor


Invest in a quality mattress. Purchasing a high-quality mattress is essential for a great night’s sleep. If your mattress is due for an upgrade, invest in a new one that has a plush pillow top, as many luxury hotels use.

Lots of high quality pillows add a resort style touch to your bed

Pile up the pillows. Make sure you have the fluffiest pillows you can find to make the bed look inviting and cozy. And don’t forget to add a touch of luxury with a few decorative pillows and nice blanket layers.

use hotel style towels

Use hotel-style towels. To further enhance the comfort of your bedroom, add some luxurious towels to your bathroom. The plush, thick 100% cotton fabric we use on our Lago towel range means high absorbency, and the rounded corners create a unique hotel-like look.

resort decor for your home bathrobe

Add a bathrobe. Is there anything better than that feeling of slipping into a blissfully soft hotel bathrobe? You can enjoy the same sensation at home with our Luxury Plush Bathrobes, which have a comfortable, unisex design.

Jennifer Adams Home plus bathrobe

Make your bathroom feel like a spa. To create that spa-like feeling in your bathroom, stock up on some luxury toiletries, such as scented soaps and lotions, to indulge in at bath or shower time every day. You could even buy the same ranges that your favorite resorts stock, to really recreate that holiday bliss.

make your bathroom feel like a spa

Light a few candles. Candles are another important part of achieving a hotel-like atmosphere in your home. Place candles in strategic spots around the house to create a warm, cozy ambiance.

Create a warm, intimate glow with lighting

 Add warm lighting. Lighting is an element of hotels that it’s easy to overlook, but is carefully designed to promote the right ambience. Spend some time evaluating the light in different parts of your home and invest in lights that will create a warm, intimate glow.

How to style your home like a high-end resort

 With a little bit of effort, your home can be a luxurious getaway that you can enjoy every day!

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