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PJs for Life! Introducing Our New Sleepwear Collection from Jennifer Adams

PJs for Life! Introducing Our New Sleepwear Collection from Jennifer Adams

Good Sleep Equals Good Health

Experts agree that good sleep equals good health – getting the right quality and quantity of sleep is just as important to your overall health as diet and exercise. At Jennifer Adams, we’ve always been about improving your sleep experience and offering you the very best products to help make your home look and feel more comfortable and stylish. Jennifer’s dual passions for sleep science and interior decorating have led to her team’s development and production of some of the best mattresses, sheets, and bedding sets you’ll find anywhere!

Your Sleep Environment Matters

It really only makes sense that Jennifer would eventually develop her own line of sleepwear, since what you wear to bed is an important element in helping to determine your overall sleep environment. Not convinced that pajamas can make a difference in your quality of sleep? Then perhaps you need to learn a bit more about what makes for a perfect sleep environment. You’re probably familiar with sleep tips like limiting late-day caffeine, putting your screens away at least an hour before bedtime, and keeping your bedroom dark and cool. Well, what you sleep in matters, too! Picking the right PJs really can make a difference in helping you to get your best night’s sleep.

Tips for Picking the Right PJs

The National Sleep Foundation offers some handy tips in choosing the right sleepwear for optimal slumber. The first and most important consideration really revolves around the fabric itself. It’s essential to choose sleepwear that actually feels good when you put it on. Ideally, you’re going to be wearing these clothes for at least 8 hours, so they really should feel comfortable and inviting. Silk and flannel are traditionally popular sleepwear materials, but each also comes with its own set of pros and cons. For all-purpose sleepwear performance, it’s really hard to beat a soft cotton or linen.

A second important consideration when it comes to picking the right PJs is the fit of the garment. Ideally, your pajamas should be loose – loose sleep clothing is important for proper circulation, and it also allows your skin to “breathe.” At the same time, you don’t want your sleepwear to be too loose. If your pajamas swallow you, that can become uncomfortable and even irritating as you move around in your bed during your sleep patterns.

Looking for the Right PJs? You’ve Found Them!

If you’re looking for the perfect PJs, look no further than the new European-style Sleepwear Collection from Jennifer Adams! Jennifer has decades of experience in helping to design perfect sleep environments for her clients, and now she and her team have developed the perfect sleepwear for blissful slumber:

Sateen Sleepwear

Custom-made in Portugal, this 300-thread-count, 100% sateen cotton PJs feel luxuriously soft and smooth. The fabric is naturally absorbent, so it helps to remove moisture from the body and allows for better temperature regulation. It’s also anti-static, so it won’t cling to you awkwardly every time you roll over. Tailored to fit snug but not too snug, this Sateen Sleepwear comes in soft blush, grey, and white color options.

Linen Sleepwear

Linen is also another fantastic fabric for sleepwear. It’s stronger and more durable than cotton, and our new Linen Sleepwear is also garment-washed for a soft feel. These PJs continue to get softer with every wash! Our linen is hypoallergenic, anti-static, and produced in an eco-friendly manner. It warms you up in the winter, and also helps to keep you cooler in the summer. Custom-made in Portugal, our Linen Sleepwear delivers a comfortable, casual fit, and is available in blush, grey, or white.

Jennifer Adams signature products aren’t just about providing the best bedding and home décor items. Now we’re pleased to offer you the best sleepwear, too! Take some time to explore our new collection, and look for us to continue adding new products to our sleepwear category in the near future. Shop with us at Jennifer Adams, and start enjoying your best sleep – and your most comfortable sleepwear – now!


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