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Laundry Room Organization & Storage Tips

Laundry Room Organization & Storage Tips

OK, raise your hand if your laundry room is a complete wreck right now. 🙋

Ashamed to raise your hand for fear of feeling the weight of judgment from The Entire Internet? Don’t worry, you’re in good company, and this is a judgment-free zone. At Jennifer Adams, we’re here to help!

If your laundry room is cluttered and disorganized, doing your laundry can be difficult, tedious, and downright daunting. Rummaging through messy piles, junk drawers, and chaotic cabinets are a waste of your time and energy and can leave you feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

“My laundry room just isn’t big enough!” is the cry of many. But honestly, it doesn’t have to matter whether your laundry space is a small nook, a closet, or even a dedicated room. With some smart organization and strategy, your laundry space can actually enhance your home environment and make washing your clothes and linens a whole lot easier.

To get your laundry space under control, try these clever tips:

Declutter the Space

If you happen to have read many of our blogs at Jennifer Adams, you may have noticed that decluttering is one of our recurring themes when it comes to improving the environment of your home. Simply put, you must defeat the enemy of clutter if you want to take charge of your living space! In terms of your laundry room, start by getting rid of anything that shouldn’t be in there in the first place, or that you really no longer need. A good, measured approach is to tidy up by category.

For example, let’s look at the category of “laundry detergent.” Gather all the various powders and liquid detergents you’ve accumulated over time, and decide which ones you want to keep or toss. By getting rid of the stuff you know you won’t use, you’ll already be in a better place! Continue going through categories like “stain removers,” “dryer sheets & softeners,” and continue on down the list. Decluttering will help you to streamline and better organize simultaneously!

Keep Things Together

If your laundry room doubles as a storage area or utility room, you might be storing paper towel rolls, hangers, clothes pins, or various cleaning supplies in the same space. That’s OK, but just be sure to keep these items together and organized. You can also try pulling together some simple kits by function, such as one for minor sewing repairs, one for stain removal, one for shoe care, and so on. This will make it so much easier to find what you need when you need it!

Creative Storage

There are many creative ways to store all these items in your laundry room. Designate drawers or cabinets for specific items and label them; drawers & cabinets are great for storing items that don’t need to be out in plain sight. Baskets and bins are a nice method for keeping contents organized, and can even be decorative. Be sure to label those, too.

Add More Space

If your laundry space is limited, think vertically by adding some shelving over the door, along walls, and above your washer and dryer. If you have the ability to install some extra counter space, that can make chores like folding clean clothes or ironing a breeze. If you don’t have much in the way of built-in storage, a bookshelf or cubby unit is a great solution.

Clothes Rail or Drying Rack

Installing a clothes rail with hangers or a drying rack is a nice way to manage those items you’d prefer to air dry. It’s also helpful when you’re ironing and need somewhere to hang your clothes as you work. A clothes rail can attach to the underside of a wall-mounted shelf, or can even be hung from the ceiling. Use matching hangers so it all looks nice.

Hampers on Wheels

Does your laundry basket seem to weight a ton when it’s full? A hamper on wheels is a smart way to be able to move your laundry exactly where you need with ease. Better yet, get one that has a 3-bag hamper for easy sorting. It’s guaranteed to cause less physical strain, and can help to de-stress the whole laundry process.

Take Charge of Your Laundry!

We hope you’ll find these tips to be helpful as you seek to tame the “laundry monster.” What else have you found that works well for you? Feel free to keep the conversation going by leaving us a comment below!


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