Luxury Bath Towels
Luxury Bath Towels

Luxury Bath Towels

Wrap yourself in the softest, most absorbent, and incredibly durable luxury bath towels for a five-star feel after every wash.

At Jennifer Adams, we have spent years perfecting the most plush towels to wrap yourself in. We strive to give you the best of the best, not only in bedding, but also in bath. We believe that your skin deserves to be touched by only the softest of fabrics. Whether that is in bed or after a long, relaxing bath or shower. And so, we released our first collections of 100% cotton luxury towels. They're comfortable, high-quality and stylishly fit into any bathroom. Our bath towels also have a petal-like feel and a fine resort-like quality.

With an emphasis on high absorption, superior softness, and modern styling details, our luxury bath towels are the ultimate accesory for your bathroom. They allow you to enhance your bath time experience with effortless style and feel. When it comes to our luxury bath towels, the vacation experience is just a touch away and that soft spa-like vibe is an everyday sensation to indulge in.

Why Choose Our Luxury Bath Towels?

While our goal is to provide you with utmost softness and luxurious feel, there may be other things to take note of when shopping for your bath towels. We understand that.

Consider what matters most to you when you think of plush bath towels. Style? Absorbency? Weight? Size? Our luxury bath towels have the highest absorbency level and also a rounded-edge detailing which gives your bathroom a premium hotel-like look, with the same level of comfort. Whether that is your primary, kids, or guest bathroom.

They're incredibly durable, making them the perfect long-term investment for everyone. And because our luxury bath towels are machine washable, they're also easy to care for. Simply wash them on a normal cycle with warm water. Then, tumble dry on low. And lastly, iron on a warm temperature, only if needed. It's completely hassle-free.

The Perfect Color Palette

Choosing the right color for your bedroom or bathroom is always an important task. It gives your living space a sense of style and personality. By providing you with the perfect colors to give your bathroom a premium feel, we've made the task of making the right choice a lot less daunting. Our luxury bath towels come in shades that look good in any bathroom. No matter what your color palette or decor is like. Give your home a modern look with our crisp white or gray hues. Play around with the colors by alternating between the two, or even complementing the different shades with each other. Whatever you choose will surely look beautiful.

Lago Plush Bath Towels

Our Lago Plush Bath Towels are the ideal addition to your bath routine. They are ultra-soft, and of course, absolutely beautiful. The detailing includes rounded corners and a cotton bias band with double stitch. And the weave is low twist with a very high absorption level. But that's not all, these 100% cotton luxury bath towels are also incredibly plush. They're handcrafted in Portugal with meticulous care and attention to detail, as well as OEKO-Tex Certified before they make their way to you. So, you can bathe well knowing that the fabric is absolutely safe and free of any harmful chemicals. Plus, our Lago Plush Bath Towels are made of life-friendly fabric; gentle on your skin and soft to your touch. They're a great option for those with sensitive skin. So, you know your investment will be worth it.

The Perfect Bathroom Combination

When selecting your collection, consider all of the other essentials that your bathroom may need. Everyone’s body is worthy of being wrapped in absolute cloud-like softness. And who doesn't love to feel snuggly and pampered from head to toe? So, we offer a bath sheet in this collection, too. Our Lago Collection of luxury bath towels also offers our extra-soft hand towels and washcloths. We have a complete set of everything that you need after a bath. And altogether, they add exceptional style to your bathroom.

A Gift for All

There is no better gift than giving those you love something that will make them feel like they're enjoying a vacation at their favorite destination. So, spoil yourself and your loved ones with a softness that cannot be compared to. Gift our collection to your friends and family to give them the feeling of complete comfort and warmth after every bath. Pack them up as a birthday gift, or gift a set to your favorite couple. Send your children off to their dorms with bath towels that feel as comforting as home. The options are limitless, but the result is the same: a complete feeling of relaxation. From young to old, everyone will appreciate the gentleness of our luxury bath towels.

Bring Resort Quality To Your Home